Thoughtful Insights from Leslie's Students

Testimonial 1

I have been Leslie's student for a little over a year. A friend recommended her class as a great way to start my yoga practice. From the very first class I loved yoga and Leslie! I feel like I am just beginning my yoga journey and am so lucky to have Leslie as my guide. From the first days of having no idea what a sun salutation was to now, she has really helped me grow in my practice - both physically and mentally. Each of Leslie's classes are different, but at the end of each one, I feel like I have explored physical and mental territory that I never would have gotten to unless I was in that room for that session. From the very start of this journey, I have felt like Leslie was a gift. I feel so blessed to have her in my life as my teacher and friend.

Testimonial 2

Leslie, you are the ultimate yoga teacher and I thank you for the guidance in this practice. With your warmth, wit and knowledge, you plant seeds of what's truly important in life. You have helped me spread my wings!
~Sandra Imperatore

Testimonial 3

It is almost impossible to describe the yoga experience of your class in 3 words. The best 3 that come to mind are

But if I can take some more time here just to thank you for the wonderful gift you give all of us. Your class is AMAZING!For your Body, mind and soul. You enhance my life greatly and others too, I'm sure. The Stress Release, the physical workout and the beyond that is hard to describe. The aspect that makes your class so superior is it's perfect flow. One pose into the next. The perfect balance. The rhythm, the breathing, the difficulty and the ease at the same time. Your soothing voice and gentle reminders. Almost hypnotic. It can be a deeply profound and meditative experience. If it wasn't for your class, I can honestly tell you, that I would not be as healthy, as happy or as relaxed in my life.
Thank You Leslie.
You are truly doing a great thing for me and others. And, you just keep getting better and better!
With great admiration and appreciation.
Barb Penn

Testimonial 4

Leslie is a gifted teacher in Vinyasa Flow and also Yin Yoga. Her style is comforting yet challenging and extemely safe! I have been studying with Leslie for 8 years 2x per week and I have never experienced less that a spiritual and physical awakening each time. As a 30 year veteran of yoga and other disciplines, I believe that some instructors are true teachers.
Lynn Allison

Testimonial 5

focus, balance, peace, compassion.
Cindy B

Testimonial 6

I have seen Leslie teach the following techniques: Yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, Asana, Pranayama, Bandhas, Dristi, Chakras, Clear language, intelligent modifications and sequencing, deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Yoga studios exist throughout our area, but 10 years ago this was not the case. Leslie’s most admirable contribution has been her commitment to bring yoga and all it encompasses to a multitude of individuals at a traditional Aerobics and Fitness setting. The true Yin/Yang compliment. People are drawn to her. Her students spill out the door bringing yogic harmony to all. She remains focused and humble……beautiful qualities.
Janine Duval

Testimonial 7

I was so, so, so moved and inspired by what you said today in closing about the light that shines within us being our greatest teacher and being comfortable in our own skin. I really embrace that.. (even when my kids roll their eyes :) thank you for being such a light in my life!!
Cathy Collins Rosenberg

Testimonial 8

I hold Leslie in the highest regard, as I believe she is true to her work and beliefs. Leslie skills as a leader of the yoga community are apparent through the following of students she has and continues to produce. Leslie's dedication to her field is distinct, as she is constantly bringing new and innovative work to her students.
Melissa Libow

Testimonial 9

Absolutely transforming!
Barbara Levine

Testimonial 10

What makes Leslie a truly gifted yoga instructor is her ability to incorporate the best methods of many yoga styles into her own unique, intuitive personalized style/techniques. Leslie has sought out training in Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga just to name a few. She has trained under some of the best known people in the field, such as Seane Corn, and Rodney Yee. But Leslie is more than just her training. I believe that even without all her training Leslie would still be and extraordinary teacher. It’s her ability to “read” a class when she walks in the room and give every person exactly what he/she needs. Leslie can simultaniously cue so succinctly, adjust individual students gently and encouragingly, all while maintaining a class that flows and grows upon each previous pose. I have been regularly taking Leslie’s class for over 10 years. I have also attended her seminars on the chakras and yin yoga. And, while I have received training over the years with many different instructors, Leslie will always be by far, my favorite. She is so respected in the community in which we live, not just as a yoga instructor but as a mother, friend, volunteer and more. She’s touched many lives in such a positive way. For example, Leslie has reached out and provided encouragement and support t aspiring yoga teachers such as myself. I owe her a world of gratitude for enabling me to see myself as having the ability to teach both children and adults. Finally a true teacher instills in her students a personal acceptance of all levels of ability. That’s what Leslie does. She attracts 14year olds to 94 year olds to her classes and makes each one feel like they’ve grown physically and spiritually. Not only does Leslie Glickman qualify for Yoga Alliance Certification, I believe she belongs to the elite circle of instructors that includes Seane Corn and Rodney Yee.
Virginia Root

Testimonial 11

Leslie guides you through a most loving and sacred yoga practice. Her gentle nature and lightness allow for the most wonderful unfoldings to take place in her class. As a fellow student and teacher I am always appreciative of her gifts and radiant smile she shares with others.
Saskia Meckman, Owner, Soleil Intercultural

Testimonial 12

Inspired...love.....letting go of stuff I don’t need and extremely grateful for you!

Testimonial 13

Knowing you personally and as a student, I have never seen an individual touch so many people and inspire individual growth the way you do. I am lucky to call you friend and teacher.
Love always'

Testimonial 14

Leslie is a truly gifted yoga teacher who is generous with her time, energy and spirit. She provided specific, insightful instruction, guiding me to my healthiest, most enlightened place. It's amazing that she can help each member of the class feel they're the only one there.
Linda Morgenstern , Exec. Vice President , Nancy Bailey & Associates, Inc.

Testimonial 15

Leslie is a wonderfully insightful Yoga teacher, bringing her students a deeply spiritual experience, which leaves the mind clear, the body renewed and the spirit at peace with the world. Her touch and demeanor is gentle, her practice challenging, yet nurturing. I would highly recommend Leslie to anyone, from beginner to advanced practitioner.
Dotty Molt

Testimonial 16

Leslie is a committed and compassionate teacher of yoga. Every class she invites you to explore the physical body, touch the edge of your potential while encouraging spiritual exploration. The unfolding of your own truths come naturally under Leslies loving guidance. You leave her class feeling light, centered and renewed.
Susan Guglielmo, yoga instructor, Self Centered

Testimonial 17

Leslie is a great yoga instructor and group leader. She has built a nice business and is a joy to work with. I look forward to co-hosting many retreats with Leslie.
Steve Jacobus , Owner , Tierra Magnifica

Testimonial 18

Leslie is a fabulous instructor who will take you gently to new dimensions.
Cindy Rigg

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