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I am a yogi that avoids inversions. I’m fearful, and there never seems to be enough time in a regular yoga class to get the attention I personally need to feel safe doing them. Every time I go against my instinct not to do them, and try anyway, I wind up with a crick in my neck for a couple of weeks. Finally I decided it wasn’t worth it. I’m not 20. I don’t need to be a hot dog. Who needs inversions anyway?

But wait!

What if there was a workshop, designed to help students like me, get over their fear of inversions? What if I could learn, slowly, the proper form for inversions from someone who’s speciality, who’s joy, is correct alignment?


Juli Kagan, The Mindful Body Expert, is teaching just such a workshop this Saturday at Yoga Journey from 3-5PM.

Bringing her vast knowledge of ergonomics, biomechanics, posture, and anatomy, she will make sure students attending the workshop understand the various parts of the body involved in inversions. Emphasis will be on the shoulder girdle, the core, and the inner legs, all profoundly important in holding ourselves upside down.

She will start with easier modifications, and then work up to more challenging ones. She will help students learn to use props the right way, to support them in the poses.

In this two hour workshop, just five poses will be addressed. There will be time to ask questions. Time for personalized attention based on your own body’s strengths and limitations. Time to face, and transform your fear of inversions, so you can enjoy the benefits of them.

Juli says, “Inversions are one of the most potent poses for finding the present moment. It takes courage. You cannot think of anything other than the pose when you are inverted. Because your orientation is upside down, and you are not used to it, you have to be very attentive to what you are doing.”

Inversions build upper body strength. They allow a yogi to set a goal and feel satisfaction once they “get it.” They build confidence. And word on the street is, once you get them, they are actually fun.

Headstand. Forearm stand. Handstand. Shoulder Stand. Downward Dog. If these poses have intimidated you in the past, this is the workshop for you. And if you come by these poses easily, Juli will help you go even deeper into your knowledge of them.

Saturday 3-5PM

Investment: $45

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I’ll see ‘ya there.

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Many seated poses are not as simple as they appear to be. In May, Juli Kagan will be teaching a workshop that focuses on getting the most out of seated poses by enhancing your alignment.

Juli says, “There are a lot of refinements that can be made in seated poses that can get you more muscular accessibility. There is much to be done to improve alignment and to make the joints more spacious. We’ll be exploring how to get into the poses in a way that is balanced and comfortable, but requiring some effort.”

Juli has a background in biomechanics and kinesiology, (the scientific study of human movement), and exercise science. These interests led her to become a 600 hr certified Pilates instructor and then a yoga teacher. She’s also the author of the award winning book, Mind Your Body,Pilates for the Seated Professional. She is a national speaker regarding moving mindfully while seated. Alignment is a true passion for her and she loves nothing more than to share that passion with students.

Juli found yoga several years ago at a free class taught by Leslie Glickman at Lululemon.

“That day, I stopped doing Pilates and started doing yoga,” she says.

It must have been some class!

Juli adds, “Pilates is very linear and mechanical; and has an internal end point as it is quite cerebral. Yoga, on the other hand, provides an unending search through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms, bringing one more inner awareness; I love that yoga is a never-ending journey!”

Juli’s workshops are lighthearted and fun, but with a serious focus on alignment.

“I want students to walk out with a newer realization of how the poses can be in their own bodies, experientially. I want them to walk away, with epiphanies and be able to take those onto their own mat over and over again, so that the poses become more enhanced each time they do them.”

This is an all levels workshop. People of every ability level will benefit.

You will undoubtedly come out a workshop with Juli feeling the way she often describes herself,


The Align & Refine Your Seated Poses workshop is Saturday May 9th, from 3-5PM

Investment $45

Reserve your spot here!


*Juli is also offering a workshop on July 11, on inversions.

*Photo credit Andrea Blakesberg.