written by Lydia Merl

Friday July 21, 6-9pm
Saturday July 22, 12-7pm
Sunday July 23, 12-6 pm

Connection Coalition (CoCo), the non-profit formerly known as Yoga Gangsters, works with youth organizations to share yoga, mindfulness and meditation to populations that wouldn’t otherwise have access. CoCo instructors visit aftercare programs, impoverished schools, drug rehabilitation centers, shelters, foster homes and jails around the country teaching these practices that calm the nervous system and improve decision making. Yoga practitioners from all walks of life have experienced these benefits first hand and the scientific research to back up these claims mounts exponentially every day.

Jodi Weiner, executive director of Connection Coalition, is the facilitator for this weekend and we are super excited to have her. Jodi’s passion for service in general, and spreading yoga, meditation and mindfulness in particular, is infectious. It is virtually impossible not to be moved by her enthusiasm. When asked what motivates her she says “it’s the awakening in the eyes of the kids, the trust and opening in their body language… When you finally make eye contact with the kid who walked in with shut-down, hunched shoulders, too fearful to look up; it’s that moment, that awareness, that these kids see you as safe. It’s truly an inspiring sensation that I hope to support others to find. Serving kids is a gift that needs to be felt to fully understand how much joy there can be in service”.

Promoting the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness is a privilege and offering these tools to communities that have never experienced the empowerment, joy, awareness and self-control that they instill is beyond fulfilling. You do NOT need to be a yoga teacher and you do NOT need to be an “advanced” practitioner. All that is required is enthusiasm, a willingness to learn how to best serve and be sensitive to the unique needs of this population along with a desire to go out into the community and share.

This is Yoga Journey’s fourth time hosting this training and we are extremely excited to announce that we are joining CoCo’s Adopt-A-Yoga-Program. We already have many teachers/volunteers working with at risk youth in our community, but through this program we will start and support our own program at Wayne Barton Center for a full year. Yoga Journey strives to raise the vibration in Boca Raton and to give back to our community. The Adopt-A-Yoga-Program provides an immediate forum for attendees to apply what they’ve learned. We hope you will join us in supporting this incredible program.

Jodi insists that “once that flame of service is lit, it’s hard to ignore”. Jodi intends to ignite and stoke those fires. We at Yoga Journey are happy to be a part of CoCo’s mission and Jodi’s vision and we hope to be instrumental in stoking those fires of service within you, too. The CoCo training takes place over one weekend but the wisdom gained lasts a lifetime and the ripple effect on the community goes on forever.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.03.06 PM

Leslie Glickman has been leading yoga teacher training groups for seven years and with each group the training has evolved. The most recent 200 hour training class had the advantage of an entire faculty hand picked by Leslie.

“Each teacher on faculty is from my first 500 hour training group. Each shines in a particular area, and I picked them to cover that piece of the curriculum. This first group using the whole faculty is about to graduate and I feel they’ve had a very rich experience by having other teachers be part of their training team.”

Having a faculty ensures more individualized attention for the students, and also offers students an opportunity to hear things in a way that works for them. One teacher’s explanation of a pose or a concept might not click with a student, but another teacher will resonate. With each teacher having a rich area of interest, it ensures those areas are covered in an even deeper way.

Leslie says her yoga teacher training program will continue its evolution, and that the next session starting September 7th is going to be the most dynamic training yet. Two very special guests will be coming to town to enrich the education of her next group.

Leslie feels strongly that she is creating a lineage with the teachers she is bringing through her program, but she also comes from a lineage. She says teacher Juli Kagen (who is on the TT faculty) came up with the idea of exposing the next group of trainees to Leslie’s own teachers.

“I have a nice personal relationship with Seane Corn and Bryan Kest from years of studying with them, and respecting and admiring their work. They both have had a huge influence on me and my teaching. I reached out to them and asked if they would be interested in participating in my training and they both said yes!”

Two separate Wednesdays in November Seane Corne and Bryan Kest will be visiting the next Yoga Journey teacher training group! It will not be not open to the public. Leslie says the evolution of her teacher training program is exciting,

“Having Seane and Bryan join us will be a private thing for the next group. The students will get a chance to be exposed to where I come from, and I’m thrilled. I feel like I’m taking the training to the next level. I thought this year it was going to the next level by developing this faculty, but now it’s going one step further. The program is ever evolving and elevating and it just keeps going. It feels like a fast moving train. This is what I’m meant to be doing. The Universe keeps saying yes, and I have this real tapas, this real drive and desire to keep moving forward.”

Over the last 10-15 years, Leslie has studied with these teachers, staying in contact with them, traveling to learn from them, and attending their workshops whenever they are in Florida.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.52.59 PM

Of Bryan Kest, Leslie says,

“He’s had a big impact on me. He gave me permission to be myself. He took away all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding yoga for me. I learned from him that I didn’t have to hold myself to some weird standard of what I thought a yoga teacher was supposed to be. He laid out that example of authenticity. Just be real. Speak it in your own language. Speak it in a language your students are going to understand. Be yourself. He taught me it’s not about what we’re showing on the outside, it’s what we’re doing on the inside. It’s about getting gritty, getting real.” 

Leslie first met Seane Corn when she wandered into Seane’s class at a Yoga Journal conference. She had no idea how transformative it would be.

“That one class changed me for life. I went to the desk and changed my whole schedule so that I could go to all of her classes for the rest of the workshop. She turned me inside out.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.53.13 PM

Leslie says of Seane,

“She was another one of those teachers encouraging students to get real, get honest, this is not fluff. She was all about the shadow. At the time, I didn’t even know I had shadows. If you looked at me on paper, my life was pretty good. I don’t have trauma, etc. I didn’t know I had stuff lurking under the surface. I thought I had it all together, and I was a freaking hot mess! I’m grateful to her for showing me that, because that vulnerability and that realization changed me forever as a teacher. I now can hold space to allow others to fall apart. I can hold space for others to get real with their own stuff.”

Of both Seane and Bryan Leslie says, “Without them I think I’d be teaching Asana (poses), I don’t think I’d really be teaching yoga.”

If you are thinking of signing up for the training, one of the unique things about Yoga Journey’s teacher training program is the open door policy for former students. Anyone that’s graduated the program is welcome to drop in on current trainings.

“If you have ever been my student you will forever be my student if you still want me to be your teacher.”

She encourages teachers that have graduated from her program to sit in on subsequent trainings as much or as little as they want.

“It takes a village. I know I’m sitting at the head of the school as lead teacher, but I know not everyone is going to relate to everything I say or do. Having all different levels of experience coming and going, seeing the relationship I have with my students, that they come back, I feel like that says so much about the whole program. New students are stepping into a community. They are not just going to be trained for four months and disappear.”

Leslie says she is proud of the evolution of her teacher training program over the years.

“My curriculum has grown in 7 years. My experience being in front of students and teaching them to be teachers has grown. I own it in a totally different way now than I ever did before. I know that my system works. And I know that I’m delivering in a really cohesive and comprehensive way. It feels really good.”

Training Schedule:

Orientation Sept 7th
Sept 9-11~ Oct 7-9 ~ Nov 18-20 ~ Dec 9-11
Closing Ceremony Dec 14th


Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.03.06 PM

Left to right: Mary Ann, Debra, Leslie, Amy, Juli

Leslie Glickman will be offering her next 200 hour teacher training starting Wed. May 11, 2016. This particular training will be unique compared to past trainings. Leslie will be incorporating a team of her 500 hour trained teachers into the mix, to give her students even more individualized attention as they work toward their teaching certificates.

Leslie says, “It was a natural progression. I’ve done a number of the 500 hour trainings and as those teachers elevate, I want room to incorporate them in the organization. My fingers are going to be on the pulse of the training the entire time but this gives me some flexibility if I have to step out for an afternoon to tend to my current 500 hour students. I’ll know my 200 hour students are in great hands with seasoned teachers that can handle the curriculum.”  

In addition to Leslie, Yoga Journey teachers Debra Zambrana, Juli Kagan, Mary Ann Morgan Fried, and Amy Kleinberg will make up the 200 hour faculty.

“They all bring something to the table. They all have a really special way about them, and a passion for the content they’ll be covering. I feel proud to have them as part of my team. As their mentor and their teacher I am so happy that I have an opportunity to help them grow,” Leslie adds.

Debra Zambrana says with five instructors, students are likely to benefit from getting the experience of several different teaching styles.

“Variety is the spice of life. There is no one way to do anything. We as a team can offer different perspectives. So if one doesn’t resonate maybe another will.”

Amy Klienberg says she’s honored to be part of this dynamic team of talented teachers, “It is exciting to contribute my knowledge of yoga as it was taught to me and to share all the little things that I have figured out on my own. Every time I teach, I continue to learn.”

Whether your goal is to teach, or to just gain a deeper understanding of yoga for your own practice, Mary Ann hopes each student “finds within themselves nothing is ever impossible.”

The 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Journey is a very comprehensive, organized program. Juli Kagan says,

“I have had the rare privilege of both teaching & taking numerous yoga teacher trainings -all of them at least at the 200 hour level – and without a doubt, the most comprehensive yet personalized and unique program is at Yoga Journey!  A big reason is owed to the fact that Leslie Glickman has this exceptional ability of bringing each of her students to a higher level of purpose, consciousness and giftedness because she sees possibilities in an individual more than they see for themselves. It is truly striking to be a witness to such grace and, I can honestly say,  it happens with every student Leslie touches. It is a sincere honor and privilege to be part of the Yoga Journey faculty and look forward to sharing my love of yoga with those ready to embark on a journey of enrichment and pure joy!”

This particular training is also a rare opportunity to take the 200 hour over the summer. Leslie’s Spring/Summer 200 hour trainings usually run April through July.

It’s almost full, but not too late to sign up. Do you feel the call? If so, contact Leslie ASAP.

austin amacker leslie

Many yoga teachers that have taken Leslie Glickman’s Yin training tell me it is now one of their favorite classes to teach.

Yin is a different kind of practice with different goals than a more traditional yoga class. Poses are usually simple, but holds are held three to five minutes. The long holds allow students to go deep, tuning in to themselves in a way that a Vinyasa practice doesn’t allow for. Class themes/philosophy can be expanded on, so students often walk out of a Yin practice feeling inspired. If done consistently over time, students practicing Yin often see great improvements in mobility and flexibility. As a teacher that is a joy to witness.

Join Leslie this Saturday and Sunday to learn how to teach this beautiful practice. The workshop will include theory, anatomy, sequencing and practice. You will learn the benefits of a long slow deep practice, understand how to create a safe and effective class, and delve into anatomy as it pertains specifically to Yin.

I personally loved taking Leslie’s Yin workshop and afterward felt prepared to instruct Yin, which I now teach weekly in a private setting. This is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to expand their repertoire, or for those already teaching Yin, to learn even more about the practice.

This program is for those who have already received their 200 hour registration.

Saturday 12/5
12:00-2:30 pm Theory and Practice
3:30-6:00 pm Anatomy for Yin

Sunday 12/6
12:00-2:30 pm Anatomy continued and sequencing
3:00-6 pm Sequencing continued and practice

10 Continuing Education Hours offered

Investment – $250

Register here! 


*photo credit Austin Amacker


Graduation day. Jan 2013.

When I moved to Florida a couple of years ago, I was looking for a yoga teacher training program that I could work around my children’s schedules. Being new to the community I didn’t have outside support I could rely on to watch the kids or take them to and fro for me. I researched. Yoga Journey’s 200 hour teacher training program is one night a week (Wednesdays) and one very long weekend a month. In between, students are expected to do homework and attend yoga classes. It runs for four months. I could do this.

Next step, meeting Leslie. I read all I could about her on the Yoga Journey website, but you never know until you actually meet a person. I attended one of her classes and loved it. Her warmth spread throughout the studio. The next day, she left, hosting a retreat to Bali. While she was away, I attended several other classes with various teachers, and they were all good. It gave me a read on what she expected of her instructors. I took it as a sign that a studio running consistently well, in the absence of its leader, would likely offer a good training program.

On a Friday, just before teacher training began, I went to Lunch & Learn with a check for my deposit. It was a small group that day, and I was nervous. I had only met Leslie once in the initial class I took with her. After Lunch & Learn, on a couch at Trend Tea, we sat criss-cross, facing each other. Looking into each other’s eyes, we talked.

I told her my fears about teaching. I was in my mid forties. I wasn’t super-athletic. I wasn’t super-bendy. I told her my motivation was to work with parents of children with special needs. I told her how much yoga had helped me as I parented my own children, and how I wanted to serve in this way.

She told me yoga wasn’t about being lithe and bendy. She told me she saw clarity and brightness in my eyes. I remember her saying that.

I dove in.

First night of teacher training, our group came in, unsure. It seemed we were all a little guarded. Those walls started coming down, that very evening as we began hearing each other’s stories.

I am a hard sell. Was this Leslie Glickman for real? As the weeks went by, I waited for her to break from the loving ,wise, kind teacher she portrayed herself to be. It didn’t happen. I began to trust her. I watched her handle difficult situations. I saw her deal with conflict, gracefully. I saw her diffuse intense situations with just the tone of her voice. I saw her embrace students that had been through serious trauma, making space for their pain. I also saw her hold students to the standards of her training program. She held authority over the class.

She taught us how to create sound, safe sequences. To this day, I hear relief in teachers’  voices when they ask me to sub and I tell them where I got my training. They know, Yoga Journey graduates will be solid. As a teacher, I take Leslie’s name with me out into the community, and I take that seriously.

She will not pass anyone who isn’t ready. If students aren’t ready, she is generous about giving them time and whatever else they may need to get to the point of passing the course, but she’s not going let someone just slip through. She somehow does this in a way that does not create shame for the student, but leaves them feeling supported and honored for where they are in the process.

Our group quickly bonded, as I imagine they all do. Since training, we all have spread out, doing our own things, many are teaching. Some aren’t, and didn’t plan to, but all are taking their yoga out into the world in their own way. Most of us follow each other on Facebook and we cheer each other on. Out of the 11 in our group not a single one regrets taking the training. In more recent Yoga Journey 200 hour teacher trainings, Debra Zambrana is co-teaching with Leslie, so students get the benefit of her wisdom as well.

When I first moved here I had no community. I didn’t consciously take yoga teacher training to create one, but it did. I am so happy to be part of the Yoga Journey family. Stepping into the Wyndham, pressing the elevator button up to the 5th floor, it feels a little like the eighties show Cheers, (minus the beer) a place where everybody knows your name. And if they don’t, they will soon. Newcomers are warmly greeted and always welcome. It’s a community of loving, like-minded people, all doing their imperfect best to be the highest versions of themselves. And the yoga is so good!

If you are considering taking a yoga teacher training program in South Florida, I encourage you to take it at Yoga Journey. I encourage you to give this gift to yourself. You won’t regret it.


graduation 2

Next class begins Sept. 17th. *


Most teachers I know that have been through Leslie Glickman’s Yin training tell me it is now one of, if not their very favorite class to teach.

Yin is a different kind of practice with different goals than a traditional yoga class. The long holds allow students to go really deep, tuning in to themselves in a way that a more flowing practice doesn’t allow for. Themes can be expanded on. Students tend to leave Yin class in a whole other kind of yoga buzz. If practiced consistently over time, the results are quite extraordinary for students, and as a teacher that is gratifying to see.

Join Leslie July 25-26 to learn how to teach this beautiful practice. The workshop will include theory, anatomy, sequencing and practice. You will learn the benefits of a long slow deep practice, understand how to create a safe and effective class, and delve into anatomy as it pertains specifically to Yin.

I personally loved taking the Yin workshop and afterward felt prepared to instruct Yin, which I now teach weekly in a private setting. This is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to expand their repertoire, or for those already teaching Yin, to learn even more about the practice.

Saturday 7/25

12:00-2:30 PM Theory and Practice

3:30-6:00 PM Anatomy for Yin

Sunday 7/26

12:00-2:30 PM Anatomy continued and practice

3:00-6 PM Sequencing for Yin

10 Continuing Education Hours offered

Investment – $250

Sign up here! 


Photo Credit: Andrea Blakesberg

deb teaching

Debra Zambrana has a mind for visualizing yoga sequences. She intuitively knows what pose should build on the previous one, and has a talent for clear, precise cueing.  Because she has these things down to a science, she doesn’t have to teach from her mat, freeing her up to really be there for her students and have a lot of fun teaching her classes. Anyone who has taken Debra’s classes knows what I am talking about. There is a lightness, combined with precision, that keeps students coming back.

In May, Debra is offering a workshop for teachers: Cueing Techniques for Proper Breath, Alignment & Form.

“This workshop is for you if you have a hard time getting your message across to your students (new or not), if you are still teaching from your mat or if you are looking for a new way to say the same thing. This 3 hour workshop is designed to give you the language to cue your students with proper breath, form and alignment, without having to demonstrate.”

Debra says the workshop will teach you to more effectively say what you mean and mean what you say!

Saturday, May 2, from 1-4PM.

3 CEU hours are available to teachers who take the workshop.

Investment is $45

Sign up here! 


leslie assist

Have you ever received a really good hands-on assist during a yoga practice? Sometimes you feel like you are present, like you are breathing, but then a teacher puts their hands on your back, or your shoulders, and suddenly you go deeper. You exhale, and go further than you thought you could in the pose.

Have you ever received a really bad assist? One that made you feel icky, or defeated? Full disclosure, one time as a student, I adjusted a woman’s shoulders as she was entering Savasana, and I scared the daylights out of her. I hadn’t announced that I was near, and when I put my hands on her, she screamed, and startled all those around her. I felt terrible, and it is a mistake I’ll never make again. That’s called learning the hard way. Friendly tip, make some soft noise as you approach.

Sneaking up on students aside, as a teacher are you ever hesitant to do hands-on assists, for fear you’re not getting it quite right? Would you like to learn the right way, as opposed to the hard way?

Leslie Glickman’s workshop on The Art of Touch Assisting will help you become more comfortable placing your hands on students to assist them in class. Leslie will teach you basics on asana assessment, stabilization of the foundation, and the ability to give assists in clear, specific, intentional ways.

Leslie says, “Precise and effective touch can enhance the practice of your students, however it also comes with a tremendous responsibility.”

Allow Leslie to help you take the guess work out of assisting.

Students should come prepared to be adjusted as well as do hands-on work on others.

Three hours of CEU’s for Yoga Alliance can be earned in this workshop.

Saturday, March 7,  1-4PM

Investment – $50

Sign up here.

*Photo credit: http://www.andreablakesberg.com



Some people in the yoga world are exercise junkies who desperately want to move and flow. The mat is a place to




And that is beautiful.


Yin yoga is different. It is challenging for sure, but it’s more of a working “in.”

Yin is a gentle, non-aggressive form of yoga, mostly on the floor, designed to slowly and carefully stretch the connective tissue between joints. It is good for those with stiffness, flexibility issues, athletes wanting to prevent injuries, and anyone wanting to improve mobility. 

Yin practice requires patience and a bit of faith. Poses are generally simple, but they are held over a long period of time, most often three to five minutes. Students might not see results immediately, but done consistently over time, the change in one’s body can be profound. For example, one day you might barely be able to turn in your seat to back your car out of a driveway, (and not even know the extent of the limitation) and another day six months down the road, you might “suddenly” be able to pivot your body around with amazing ease.

For many teachers, Yin is one of the most rewarding classes to lead. There is something so beautiful about students being willing to visit areas of tightness, places where the body wants to hold onto things. It’s an honor to witness students braving it out, staying in the moment, breathing, and letting go.

Join Leslie for a weekend of continuing education on Yin yoga. This workshop for teachers will include theory, sequencing, and of course some practice. You will learn the benefits of a long slow deep practice, understand how to create a safe and effective class and delve into anatomy as it pertains to this magical practice called Yin. 

Saturday 12/6
12:00-2:30 pm Theory and Practice
3:30-6:00 pm Anatomy for Yin

Sunday 12/7
12:00-2:30 pm Anatomy continued and practice
3:00-6 pm Sequencing for Yin

10 Continuing Education Hours offered

Investment – $250

*photo credit www.andreablakesberg.com

YJ group on mats

This weekend, Leslie Glickman will be hosting an intensive training, geared toward students who want a taste of the yoga teacher training experience but who don’t necessarily want to become yoga teachers themselves. The weekend came about because students kept telling Leslie how jealous they were of the wonderful experiences people were reporting as they went through yoga teacher training. It is an opportunity for students to delve more deeply into their own practice and walk away with a deeper understanding of yoga as a whole. It also provides students the opportunity to experience a bit of yoga teacher training without the time commitment and financial obligation that the full training requires. This unique workshop also might be a nice thing for those who are considering yoga teacher training, or those who have been through an official teacher training but would like a refresher.

Topics covered will include physical practice, yoga theory, the chakra’s, and the 8 limbs of yoga. Students will gain an in depth understanding of the various poses and their relationship to each other as well.

Weekend schedule:
Friday 7:30pm-10:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-7:00pm (includes meal breaks)
Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm (includes meal break)

For those who might not know, Yoga Journey is located in the beautiful Wyndham Hotel in Boca Raton. Special Hotel rates are  available. Please contact The Wyndham Hotel, Boca Raton 561.368.5200. The Yoga Journey group rate is only $79.00.

Investment $399.00

Please go to https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/adm/home.asp?studioid=33054 to register online.

I loved every minute of my own yoga teacher training with Leslie. She is such a thoughtful, knowledgable, and incredibly warm teacher. She is gifted at facilitating groups and says every group she’s ever led has been unique.

 I know that individuals in each group come together for a reason.  The relationships that develop are incredibly special.  We only have one weekend together but I am prepared to bring us together and connect from the first night. I know that this will be ‘magic’ for all those that decide to join me…” – Leslie

If you feel the pull, do yourself a favor and sign up for this one of a kind workshop. You will be so glad you did.