screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-1-50-09-pmNext month, some of the most nationally recognized yoga teachers converge on South Florida to present at the Yoga Journal conference in Hollywood. Yogis from all over the country will be flocking to The Diplomat Resort and Spa to learn from the likes of Seane Corn, Shiva Rea,  Rodney and Colleen Yee, Jason Crandell, Amy Ippoliti, and so many more. This year, Yoga Journey’s very own Leslie Glickman joins their ranks and will be teaching two Yin classes at the conference. It’s a big deal.

“When you look at the line-up of teachers presenting, It’s humbling for me to be sitting in the same arena with them at that level. It’s a huge honor and so amazing to me. I am grateful for the opportunity,” says Leslie

Yoga Journey has been a studio partner with the event for years. For the past two years Leslie has been assisting Seane Corn at the Florida Yoga Journal conference. Last year Leslie led a beautiful sunrise meditation on the beach for participants. This is the first time she will be teaching full class sessions at the conference.

The Yoga Journal conference only travels to a handful of cities per year and we are very lucky that it lands here on our doorstep. We want to support the conference to make sure it keeps South Florida on its radar! We also want to support Leslie as her participation could lead to so much more for her, and for our local yoga community.

Building community has long been Leslie’s passion, and the South Florida yoga community is strong. Leslie is excited to develop relationships with these high level teachers and hopes it will elevate even further the quality of the workshops and types of yoga programming she can offer here. She would love to be able to host some of these teachers for events at Yoga Journey. In addition, if given a national platform, Leslie hopes to be able to inspire other areas across the country to create stronger communities through yoga as well.

Leslie rarely asks for anything from her tribe. She gives a lot. She hosts Yoga in the park every Saturday morning in Sanborn Square in Boca Raton (and offers free live streaming of those classes). She hosts the Something Big! New Year’s Day event at Mizner Park. She offers many workshops for all, and continuing ed opportunities for teachers at Yoga Journey. She offers a donation based lunch & learn every Friday afternoon where people can come learn more about yoga. She offers so many events not just at the studio, but elsewhere in the community such as Farmer’s TableRaw Juice, and Eau Spa. This is a chance for us to show up for her in a big way (and enjoy her amazing Yin class in the process). Come to the conference! Sign up for at least one of Leslie’s classes. She is on the cusp of being a nationally recognized teacher and really needs our support to take her gifts forward and do even bigger work in this world. Show your support for her, and also expose yourself to the other amazing teachers there all weekend. Even if you can’t make it to the entire conference, just coming on Friday evening will be a big way for you to show up for Leslie. It would mean so much.

exhault something big

Along with her passion for building community, Leslie feels driven to spread the message that people need to take responsibility for elevating themselves. She says everyone needs to be responsible for how they show up in the world, and they need to know that how they show up contributes to the whole. She feels strongly it’s her calling to bring this message to a bigger audience and is asking for her community to help her do that.

If you’ve never experienced the Yoga Journal conference, now is the time. If you’ve participated before, you know how special it is. Come out and support our teacher as she takes her next BIG step.

– Namaste’

Yoga Journal Conference, Hollywood Florida 2016
Nov 11-14th
Diplomat Resort & Spa
3555 S Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019
REGISTER HERE Use code LESLIE to save 15% on the pass of your choice! 


Photo Credit: Naya Rappaport & Andrea Blakesberg.


 raw juice

What could be better than Yoga, Raw Juice, and the funky music of DJ Sal on a rooftop, downtown in East Boca? Treat yourself to the healthiest of happy hours this Friday. Join us for a fun all-levels Vinyasa class followed by light bites and fresh juice. No registration required, just show up! It’s free! Bring your own mat.

Yoga Journey’s Lisa Poncek will be leading class. She says, “I’m  excited to teach at Raw Juice because it’s an event that really brings community together and I’m so proud to represent Yoga Journey there. Yoga Journey and Raw Juice are both such generous businesses.”

Come see your friends, and/or make some new ones!

Friday: 8/19/2016

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm 
197 S. Federal Highway in Boca Raton, 33432

Join Yoga Journey each month for this fun all levels vinyasa practice at Raw Juice.

debra prayer

Come experience a different side of Debra Zambrana as she teaches a candlelit Yin practice with live music at Yoga Journey on Friday, Feb 26th. Debra’s students know her as a highly spirited, often irreverent, laser sharp teacher who pushes them hard,  and they love her for that. But there is another side of Debra, her “Yin” side, that she also loves to explore.

“I’m always in forward motion at a high rate of speed, I enjoy teaching yin because it gives me an opportunity to stop and slow down. It’s a completely different pace of teaching from my Vinyasa classes. I love it because when I teach Yin I get to experience the same effects my students experience in the practice. I stop and pause and breathe and I’m able to just be in the present moment. As I encourage them to breath I am in that space with them. As I teach, I learn.” 

Debra teaches a regular Yin class at Yoga Journey on Wednesdays at 4PM. Friday evening will be a very special treat as Debra takes the experience further. Musician Scott Marischen will be accompanying the practice. Scott and his ensemble were the musicians that played for nearly 1500 people on New Year’s Day at Yoga Journey’s Something Big Event at Mizner Park.

Debra says she looks forward to providing her students two hours of blissful candlelit relaxation. The focus will be on deep surrendered release, conscious connected breathing, and entering into presence.

If you click on Debra’s name at the top of this post, and read the Better Know a Yoga Teacher piece about her you will find there is much more to Debra than what you might see in a typical Vinyasa class. For those whose dominant energy is more Yang, it takes a certain amount of courage to be vulnerable enough to offer up their Yin side.

She says, “There’s always going to be my humor, that’s not going to change, I have a little tag line, join me for some floor-play, since we’re supine for most of the class,” she laughs and adds, “Yes, my humor and sexual innuendo sometimes do make an appearance when I teach Yin, but I’m much more reverent in this type of class.”

Join Debra for Yin floor-play, this Friday, Feb. 26th.

6-8PM at Yoga Journey.

Beginner & Advanced students welcome. (Reverent and irreverent students welcome as well).

Investment – $25  Sign up here! 



When deciding how to celebrate her birthday this year, Leslie Glickman couldn’t think of a better way than to spend it with the Yoga Journey community, at one of the world’s most beautiful spas.

“You’re my peeps! I’m bringing in a DJ, and we’re going to do ‘glow your flow,’ so that makes it a little different and fun. The mat doesn’t always have to be a serious solemn place.”  

All are invited. The more the merrier! There will be black lighting and students are encouraged to wear white or fluorescent colors. Glow sticks will be provided for wrists and ankles. Imagine 100 +  people flowing and glowing on a Friday night!

The Vinyasa practice will start at 7PM. After which, participants have private use of the spa until 10:15PM. And what a spa it is! The first time I went to an event there, I felt like I’d truly stepped into a magical world of luxury and beauty! I’d never seen anything like it.

Leslie says,

“I love that moment when we get out of our yoga clothes, and we’re all in bathing suits and and we’re sitting around the spa in our bathrobes, a little cupcake, a little champagne, spa time! It’s one of my favorite things to do!”

BTW, those chairs in the photo below? Heated tiles. So soothing!

eau 1

Barbara Alfonso, Wellness Events Coordinator at Eau Spa says she invited Leslie to teach at an Eau Spa event after taking her Saturday morning yoga in the park class at Sanborne Square about three years ago. “I thought she was a fabulous teacher. It’s the vibe that she brings, and the vibe of her tribe follows her here!”

Barbara describes Eau Spa as a playground for adults,

“The theme is pause, play, and perfect. We encourage you to take a moment to really pause and take in all the amenities. It’s truly luxurious and beautiful. Take time to play in all these amenities. Go into the jacuzzi, go into the sauna, go into the shower, go into the garden, play in the swinging chairs and then feel perfect. And just perfect your day, and relax. While here, take time to pause and reflect on your life, but also don’t forget to play and enjoy life!

BTW, dangling your feet in the water as you lazily swing in these basket chairs? Hypnotic.


Room service can be ordered and delivered to the spa cabanas after practice, but food must be ordered by 9PM, so order early, if you plan to eat at the spa.

The birthday girl says,

“I love the Eau Spa and for my birthday I thought it would be a really fun way to spend it, with all my friends, my community, just having a good time.”

Leslie says people should keep their eyes open for more fun Friday events offered by Yoga Journey,

 “We’re always tying to change up the programming for Friday nights. We want to have something going on in the studio or in the community. Last week Courtney had an event at Raw Juice in East Boca. I’m doing the Eau Spa event. Debra will be having a Friday night candlelit Yin coming up at the studio. We want to create those social opportunities and reinforce that feeling of community and connection and fun. That’s been my whole thing coming into 2016, just a little more joy, a little more happiness, a little more fun, a little more light.”

eau 2

For this event, you must call Eau Spa directly to register: 561.540.4960

Investment is yourself is $50. Includes class and access to the spa for the evening.

Hope to see you there!




It’s Kula time at Yoga Journey! In Sanskrit, the word Kula means “community of the heart.”

As many of you know, Kulas  are a chance for the yoga community to come together to practice, break bread and enjoy conversation. They are an opportunity to be social and get to know each other on a deeper level, rather than just waving goodbye after practice. They are an opportunity to welcome newcomers. Kulas are fun!


This Sunday’s Kula will take place in the ballroom at The Wyndham Boca. Participants are asked to bring items such as sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms, deodorant, razors, etc. to directly benefit young adults aging out of the foster care system. Donations will go toward the Best Foot Forward Foundation and Rock and Wrap it Up!

The hour long all-levels Vinyasa practice taught by Leslie Glickman will be set to live music, followed by a delicious private brunch at Farmer’s Table Boca, just downstairs in the hotel. Farmer’s Table has created a special menu just for this event.

farmers table

Event begins at 10:00am (Yoga) and 11:30 (Brunch)

$40.00 includes everything – you just need to bring a mat, and an item to donate!

Whether you are a seasoned yogi, or a beginner, all are welcome! Come join us.

Sign up here! 









Colleen Sturgess found breathwork at a time in her life when she really needed it. She took a workshop Denise Dobbs offered at Yoga Journey and said it changed her life.

“I cried like a baby for an hour and a half it was so releasing. I started working one on one with Denise and it became such a powerful healing tool. It liberated me from a lot of the lies I was telling myself. As you go into the subconscious, and you let go of stuff, you become lighter and lighter.”

Later, Colleen did advanced training with Sondra Ray, the founder of the re-birthing movement in the 70’s.

Colleen says breathwork is something she wants to share with people because it helped her so much. She’s calls her own version of the breathwork “Gateway to Your Essence” and describes it as a process of slowly peeling off layers until you find the core and the empowerment of self. The work requires a very specific breathing pattern which Colleen describes,

“It’s circular breathing with an active inhale and a relaxed exhale with no pauses in between. It infuses the body with oxygen. As you’re breathing it stirs up the subconscious and brings stuff that’s buried deep down up to the surface. It allows people to look at all the lies they tell themselves, the untruths they’ve collected throughout the years.”

She says for example, you received a message from someone in your childhood telling you you’re weren’t worthy. Or maybe you’ve convinced yourself you are not good enough. This work brings these untruths to light. But she says the work isn’t always heavy.

“Every experience is completely different. Sometimes it’s just pure bliss. I’ve had some really deep experiences where I’ve felt my whole body vibrate and it’s just beautiful. Each session turns up something different based on what your needs are at that time. I want to make it a joyful experience. Sometimes difficult things come up, but I don’t want it to be dark and negative. I really want people to find happiness through the process.”

Colleen says the prospect of breath work may seem daunting, but she encourages people not to fear what’s inside themselves,

“Nothing is ever as big as we think. Something as simple as the breath can heal you, and bring complete joy. All of the things I’ve had to uncover, they were never as big as I thought they were, and it was such a huge weight lifted to let them go.” 

Do you want to understand your purpose?  Heal old traumas?  Have healthier relationships?  Heal yourself and others at the same time?  Why not give breathwork a try?

The Gateway to Your Essence with Colleen Sturgess

Fri: 1/29/2016From: 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Investment – $35
Sign up here! 

heather egg

For me, in yoga, there is nothing better than an Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (up dog) using the Three Minute Egg (3ME) yoga props. My arms are on the shorter side, and the extra support the eggs provide, allows me to  feel the stretch from my pubis bone, all the way up through the crown of my head. Whereas without the eggs, the stretch starts from my ribcage.

Is this what people feel when they do up dog? Those lucky folk with longer arms? Sweet!

On Sunday, the 17th, Heather Berg will be leading a two and a half hour workshop to teach students how to use the Three Minute Eggs, to help them get more out of their yoga practice. She says,

“I learned about the Three Minute Eggs from a workshop at Yoga Journey given by Jason Scholder, the man who invented them. I love using props, whether they are bolsters, blankets, straps or regular blocks, but I just love the eggs so much! They are more versatile than traditional blocks because of the contoured edge. You can use them in almost every way you would use a block or brick, but you can also use them as you would a bolster or a rolled up blanket in many ways.” 

eggs 2

Heather teaches many classes and private sessions and finds the eggs work for every body.

“Everybody’s arm length is different, everybody’s flexibility is different. Every body is different. Some people are hesitant to use the eggs because it’s not what they’re used to, but once they know how to use them correctly, the eggs really help people be in better alignment, and go deeper into their practice.”

eggs 3

She likes the idea of a 3ME workshop for students, because it gives them the opportunity to explore in depth, how the Three Minute Eggs can work for them.

“In a crowded class, it isn’t always possible to show every person individually how to use the eggs, so I am excited to present this workshop. We will break down a traditional vinyasa class and also a yin practice. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, the Three Minute Eggs can help you go deeper into, and get more out of your poses.”  

3 minute eggs yj

Three Minute Egg – Alignment & Flow with Heather Berg! 

Sunday: 1/17/2016

1:00 pm – 3:30 PM

Open to all levels.
Trend Tea will provide samples after class.
Investment – $35
Sign up here! 

leslie lori 2

This weekend Leslie Glickman will be teaming up with Lori Klinger for a Yoga Journey workshop designed to help participants experience more happiness in the coming year.

As many of you know, beloved yoga teacher Lori Klinger moved to Texas last year. She says she’s “super jazzed” about reconnecting with Leslie and her students in south Florida and asks students to be prepared to be “mega-inspired” this weekend at Yoga Journey.

Leslie says, “I’m thrilled to have Lori come back in town and connect with the Yoga Journey community. It will be a big treat to share this space with her and do this inspirational work together. I’m also very excited about what those participating in the retreat are going to get out of it. It’s going to be an amazing experience.”

The weekend is broken down into two parts. You can do one, or the other, or both.

Friday night, is the Vinyasa, Vision Boards & Vino event. There will be an all levels Vinyasa class, followed by a vision board making session to help participants set their intentions for the year ahead. Wine and snacks will be served. The atmosphere will be light-hearted.

“When people think of resolutions they rarely stop and just think about happiness. I want them to have a really good time. We can be spiritual but I also want it to be fun. Our work doesn’t have to be so heavy. If everyone in the workshop can increase their happiness by even five percent, we’ll be heading in a good direction for this year,” says Leslie.

Saturday is the Fuel Happiness Day Retreat. It starts with an 8AM/sunrise meditation with crystal singing bowls,followed by a Vinyasa yoga practice. After that, the group will have breakfast at Trend Tea (located within The Wyndham Boca, where Yoga Journey is also located).

Following the deliciousness of Trend Tea, Hypnotist Lucas Handwerker will conduct a 90 minute interactive session designed to lead people toward the happiest versions of themselves. Lucas is known for using hypnosis, NLP, and psychology to help people move toward their goals, by accessing their untapped potential. Leslie says, “Lucas’s part is to give people the tools to change the way they are thinking and shift the trajectory of their lives going forward.”

After working with Lucas, the group will be treated to the freshest, most mindfully prepared food for lunch at Farmer’s Table (also located within the Wyndham Boca). Lunch will be followed by some leisure filled free time. People can go for a walk, hang out in lounge chairs on the patio, or take a dip in the saltwater pool.

Then, from 4:30-6PM, the day will wrap up with a beautiful candlelight Yin practice with live music.

Leslie says she wants to help people move toward their desires for 2016, but not in an overwhelming way.

“I want the goals to be attainable, I want people to be thinking baby steps because the little steps accumulate into something big. Goals don’t have to be so outrageous that they seem unrealistic. Small steps can change the trajectory for people going forward. I hope this weekend they see how attainable happiness can be.”

Lori says,

“I love the blank slate of a new year! This is the perfect time to bust out our wish lists and set them in motion! I am most passionate about helping others spark their personal passions, find their power and help boost their creativity too. I think it’s so important for all to realize that the possibilities for what they want in their lives are absolutely limitless! I can’t think of a better way to set the tone for a healthy and happy year ahead than with the Yoga Journey offerings this weekend.”

Investment of the Fuel Happiness Day Retreat, Saturday only, $149.

(If combined, the total investment for both days is $189.00, a savings of $19.00).

Schedule for Saturday:
8:00 am Mediation and Yoga
9:30 am Breakfast at Trend Tea
11:00 am Happiness Workshop
1:00 pm Lunch at Farmer’s Table
2:30-4:00 pm Leisure time
4:30-6:00 pm Yoga


Sign up here! 

exhault something big

Community has always been important to Yoga Journey’s Leslie Glickman. So much so, that last year she and her husband Andy Glickman decided to give back to the community and offer a free yoga event, bringing together over a thousand people on New Year’s Day. The event took place at the Mizner Park Amphitheater in Boca Raton and was called Something Big 2015! It was a huge success.

This year, it will only be bigger.

Last year the theme was “go big or go home.” The message was for individuals to think about and reach for the “big” or highest version of themselves. People were encouraged to go for it, whatever their own personal “something big” was.

This year Leslie says the theme is community,

“One of our basic human needs is to feel connected to other people. When we do, there’s this underlying support we feel and that creates an environment where everyone can thrive. This year I’ll be speaking more to our responsibility to take care of ourselves, not just for ourselves, but so we can lift each other up.”

Something Big 2016 will be an all levels class. People of every age and ability level are welcome. Leslie asks participants not to worry so much about being able to do the poses but to be willing to work at their own personal level. She asks for people to be open to the experience, and to be present, in order to feel the energy generated from a gathering of this size.

“Everyone is welcome whether you do yoga or not. Even if you just come and do ten or fifteen minutes of movement and participate in being there, you will contribute to the whole. We ask you just to show up and be part of it.” 

somethng big Wiii

This year, there will be food trucks offering healthy options so people can hang out and spend more time together on New Year’s Day after the yoga practice. Vendors representing local, community businesses will have tables offering services and items to sell. All sponsors of the event are local businesses.

vendors 2

Leslie will lead a beautiful practice and Yoga Journey team members will be there to assist.

There will be music by Scott Marischen’s Jazz Harp Ensemble, a team of highly talented and renowned musicians playing the electric harp, viola, bass, keyboard, percussion and other various instruments. The band’s musicians have collectively toured with Gloria Estefan , Michael Jackson, Shakira, Barbara Streisand, Julio Iglesias, John Denver, Black Sabbath, KC and the Sunshine band and many more.

There is much chaos and darkness currently happening worldwide and in our country. Sometimes we humans can feel small and helpless to do anything about it. Something Big 2016 stands to be a powerful and inspiring way to raise the vibration en masse, through community. A group this large, setting positive intentions, determined to lift up ourselves so we might better show up for others will have a positive impact locally and those ripples will go far and wide.

something big 2015 end

Leslie says, “We are all part of something bigger than ourselves. Whether we know it or not we all contribute to the whole.  We have the power to bring others down as well as the power to help lift others up.  It can be as simple as how we show up. If everyone does a little we can accomplish a lot! So my hope is that we walk away knowing that we are responsible for our own behaviors and we should make choices based on how we can contribute in some way to the whole.”

For those unable to attend the event in person, Something Big 2016 will be streamed live so people all over the world can participate. The practice will also be archived for later viewing. The link to the live stream is the YJ Live tab at the top of the Yoga Journey website.

Friday January 1, 2016 10:00am – 2:00pm

Mizner Park Amphitheater on New Years Day 2016.

The only way to make it happen is with YOU there!

*Check in begins at 10:00 am
*Live Music Yoga with Leslie begins at 11:00 am
*Great yoga products and gifts for you in our Marketplace
*Register Early, amphitheater capacity 1500

Please check out the Something BIG website by clicking here.


pause breathe notice feel

Photo Credit: Andrea Blakesberg. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 3.34.52 PM

What does it mean to be Jewish? What does it mean to be religious? What does it mean to be spiritual? Where does yoga fit into the picture? How is community important for spiritual development? These are a few of the topics that will likely be discussed during the Conversations on the Cutting Edge event with best selling author Gabby Bernstein, Yoga Journey’s own Leslie Glickman and Rabbi Jessica Spitalnic Brockman at Temple Beth El of Boca on Tuesday November 3rd.

In addition to being author of Miracles Now, May Cause Miracles, Spirit Junkie, and Add More Ing to your Life, Gabby Bernstein is a motivational speaker and life coach. Her teachings are inspired by the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles. She’s been named “a next generation thought leader” by Oprah Winfrey.

Says Leslie of Gabby Bernstein, “I’ve gone to hear her speak and I’ve read some of her books and I’m honored to be asked to be on the same stage with her for Conversations on the Cutting Edge.”

She adds,

“There is a lot of misunderstanding around religion and spirituality. Spirituality is an individual path and everyone can be on it. You can go to church or you can go to temple. Or maybe you go to yoga. That doesn’t mean you’re not being true to your faith it just means you’re exploring your own journey.”

Whether it is Judaism, A Course in Miracles, yoga, or countless other paths, she says people are longing to be fed spiritually.

“The word inspiration means that you are in spirit. Yoga is one way for us to connect with our own spirit. Yoga creates an opportunity for us to develop a deeper relationship with ourselves. To come to know who we really are. As a yoga teacher I’m trying to help people get connected to their own spirit, and from there we create community.”

A forward thinking Rabbi, a motivational author/coach/speaker, and an inspirational, community minded yoga teacher, all on the same stage. It is bound to be a magical evening of learning and sharing.

Conversations on the Cutting Edge, standing at the crossroads of Judaism and spirituality.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 – 7:00 pm – Schaefer Family Campus

Temple Beth El Schaefer Family Campus

333 SW 4th Avenue

Boca Raton, FL 33432

To register, go here.