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Friday July 21, 6-9pm
Saturday July 22, 12-7pm
Sunday July 23, 12-6 pm

Connection Coalition (CoCo), the non-profit formerly known as Yoga Gangsters, works with youth organizations to share yoga, mindfulness and meditation to populations that wouldn’t otherwise have access. CoCo instructors visit aftercare programs, impoverished schools, drug rehabilitation centers, shelters, foster homes and jails around the country teaching these practices that calm the nervous system and improve decision making. Yoga practitioners from all walks of life have experienced these benefits first hand and the scientific research to back up these claims mounts exponentially every day.

Jodi Weiner, executive director of Connection Coalition, is the facilitator for this weekend and we are super excited to have her. Jodi’s passion for service in general, and spreading yoga, meditation and mindfulness in particular, is infectious. It is virtually impossible not to be moved by her enthusiasm. When asked what motivates her she says “it’s the awakening in the eyes of the kids, the trust and opening in their body language… When you finally make eye contact with the kid who walked in with shut-down, hunched shoulders, too fearful to look up; it’s that moment, that awareness, that these kids see you as safe. It’s truly an inspiring sensation that I hope to support others to find. Serving kids is a gift that needs to be felt to fully understand how much joy there can be in service”.

Promoting the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness is a privilege and offering these tools to communities that have never experienced the empowerment, joy, awareness and self-control that they instill is beyond fulfilling. You do NOT need to be a yoga teacher and you do NOT need to be an “advanced” practitioner. All that is required is enthusiasm, a willingness to learn how to best serve and be sensitive to the unique needs of this population along with a desire to go out into the community and share.

This is Yoga Journey’s fourth time hosting this training and we are extremely excited to announce that we are joining CoCo’s Adopt-A-Yoga-Program. We already have many teachers/volunteers working with at risk youth in our community, but through this program we will start and support our own program at Wayne Barton Center for a full year. Yoga Journey strives to raise the vibration in Boca Raton and to give back to our community. The Adopt-A-Yoga-Program provides an immediate forum for attendees to apply what they’ve learned. We hope you will join us in supporting this incredible program.

Jodi insists that “once that flame of service is lit, it’s hard to ignore”. Jodi intends to ignite and stoke those fires. We at Yoga Journey are happy to be a part of CoCo’s mission and Jodi’s vision and we hope to be instrumental in stoking those fires of service within you, too. The CoCo training takes place over one weekend but the wisdom gained lasts a lifetime and the ripple effect on the community goes on forever.

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