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Yoga4cancer (y4c) teacher training started Monday but don’t despair my fellow procrastinator.  It is NOT too late to sign up.  I may have completely missed my self imposed deadline for getting this blog post done.  You may have missed the enrollment deadline. Yet, as is true with most everything, late is better than never. And, every day is a new chance to begin again, so If you have been considering enrolling in the y4c training, Go For It! 

Tari Prinster is a force and her experience and wisdom will forever change you. She is a cancer survivor, a yogini, and author/developer of Yoga4Cancer: the book and the teacher training program.  Tari has helped cancer survivors reap the many benefits of yoga. Tari intuitively knew that yoga was helping ease her symptoms and speed her recovery so she set out to discover why.  That path of scientific learning and experiential discovery compelled her to share. As of today, Tari has armed over 1000 yoga teachers with the methodology that has benefited so many.  Not only does Tari offer classes and retreats for cancer survivors but she has exponentially increased the number of people who might benefit from her knowledge by training yoga instructors (and healthcare providers with a passion for yoga) to teach to this important community. 
The training provides information, tools and insight on adapting different yoga styles and poses to fit the specific needs of the cancer survivor community.  

This 8 week online course began on Monday February 20th but it really is not too late to register! There are weekly webinars, readings, videos, quizzes and projects assigned to be completed at your own pace.  Any missed content is easily accessible.  There are roughly 27 hours of online and distance learning assigned. The course culminates right here in Boca at our own Wyndham hotel, with an in-person intensive where participants gather to test and hone their skills. 

Ellen Patrick, a yoga therapist, a 500hr RYT, previous studio owner and y4c graduate credits the training with giving her appropriate language along with greater insight into the physical, emotional and psychological needs of the cancer survivor. Ellen felt a responsibility to undergo the training before attempting to serve the specific and dynamic needs of this diverse community. She now teaches and empowers many to play an integral role in their own healing through yoga at Boca Raton Hospital.  

Lisa Ponczek, a 500hr RYT, a cancer survivor and y4c teacher loved the program and found the assignments invaluable to her own healing.  The course work forced her to make connections between her yoga practice and her cancer diagnosis. Lisa found these exercises simultaneously emotional and empowering.  One of Lisa’s favorite take-aways from Tari was this: “a cancer diagnosis takes your breath away. Yoga gives it back”!

So, if you are considering taking your teaching to the next level but are thinking you missed the deadline, enroll now! There is no time like the present, right?! 
y4c training is prescribed for all those touched by cancer… and really, who of us is not? 

To register or get more information visit

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