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womens march Written by Lydia Merl

I returned from the Women’s March in DC last night.  The weekend was everything…. Inspiring, empowering, frustrating, confrontational, exhilarating and depleting.  I stayed in a hotel for 4 nights and ate (and drank) in restaurants for 5 days; did very little yoga, lots of walking and almost no meditation.  I squandered too much time reading tweets and Facebook posts and other people’s opinions and perspectives, not to mention clever, snarky, profound, inspirational, crude and funny protest posters.  By the time I got home last night I was in complete “who cares?” mode, eating popcorn for dinner with yet another glass of wine.   When I awoke this morning, and reached for my phone before even getting up to go to the bathroom I thought “Wow. I really need to reset”.  Feeling bloated, tired, sluggish and out of sorts I reluctantly put my phone down.  But only after reading that one group text message and the attached link.  I did a little self-bashing but finally rolled out of bed and sat in meditation.
I listened to my body and noticed the thoughts that swirled in my restless mind and heard the words of the ever inspirational Seane Corn whisper in my ear.  “Figure out what your non-negotiables are”.  The last several months of the campaign and the weeks post-election have been traumatic and I have allowed that to sidetrack my non-negotiables.  I have spent far too much time listening to news I agree with on a loop in different packaging.  I have not practiced self-care in the ways that make me feel healthy, empowered and strong.  I’ve over indulged in too many french fries and glasses of cabernet and not enough home cooked meals, good books and long walks on the beach.  Nature grounds me in a way that nothing else does, and yet my preoccupation with all things Trump has taken me out of nature and into cyberspace.
When I lived in Michigan I practiced yoga regularly with Jonny Kest.  He would often yell in the midst of ridiculously challenging sequences “YOU’RE IN TRAINING!”.  He’d proclaim that if we didn’t yet know what for, that one day we would.  Well.  I think we who practice yoga have been in training for this moment in time ever since our first breath.  All the events of our lives led us to this historic and defining moment and it is going to require us to be on our A game.  We are going to need to fortify our bodies, minds and spirits to stay strong for the fight ahead.  It’s going to be a fight for social justice, democracy, dignity, humility, compassion and empathy.  It is going to require that we stay vigilant in our search for the truth and it’s going to require humility when we see ourselves acting in the very ways we proclaim to disdain. The dual nature of being human means that we will contradict ourselves: we will seem hypocritical in unforeseen ways and we will mess up. Our future will be determined by what we do next.  Will we brush ourselves off and start anew or will we continue the spiral into old and unhealthy patterns of behavior and thought that no longer serve ourselves and certainly don’t serve the higher good.  I like to imagine that we yogi’s are warriors waging peace in a turbulent world.   #nowwebegin

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