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Left to right: Mary Ann, Debra, Leslie, Amy, Juli

Leslie Glickman will be offering her next 200 hour teacher training starting Wed. May 11, 2016. This particular training will be unique compared to past trainings. Leslie will be incorporating a team of her 500 hour trained teachers into the mix, to give her students even more individualized attention as they work toward their teaching certificates.

Leslie says, “It was a natural progression. I’ve done a number of the 500 hour trainings and as those teachers elevate, I want room to incorporate them in the organization. My fingers are going to be on the pulse of the training the entire time but this gives me some flexibility if I have to step out for an afternoon to tend to my current 500 hour students. I’ll know my 200 hour students are in great hands with seasoned teachers that can handle the curriculum.”  

In addition to Leslie, Yoga Journey teachers Debra Zambrana, Juli Kagan, Mary Ann Morgan Fried, and Amy Kleinberg will make up the 200 hour faculty.

“They all bring something to the table. They all have a really special way about them, and a passion for the content they’ll be covering. I feel proud to have them as part of my team. As their mentor and their teacher I am so happy that I have an opportunity to help them grow,” Leslie adds.

Debra Zambrana says with five instructors, students are likely to benefit from getting the experience of several different teaching styles.

“Variety is the spice of life. There is no one way to do anything. We as a team can offer different perspectives. So if one doesn’t resonate maybe another will.”

Amy Klienberg says she’s honored to be part of this dynamic team of talented teachers, “It is exciting to contribute my knowledge of yoga as it was taught to me and to share all the little things that I have figured out on my own. Every time I teach, I continue to learn.”

Whether your goal is to teach, or to just gain a deeper understanding of yoga for your own practice, Mary Ann hopes each student “finds within themselves nothing is ever impossible.”

The 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Journey is a very comprehensive, organized program. Juli Kagan says,

“I have had the rare privilege of both teaching & taking numerous yoga teacher trainings -all of them at least at the 200 hour level – and without a doubt, the most comprehensive yet personalized and unique program is at Yoga Journey!  A big reason is owed to the fact that Leslie Glickman has this exceptional ability of bringing each of her students to a higher level of purpose, consciousness and giftedness because she sees possibilities in an individual more than they see for themselves. It is truly striking to be a witness to such grace and, I can honestly say,  it happens with every student Leslie touches. It is a sincere honor and privilege to be part of the Yoga Journey faculty and look forward to sharing my love of yoga with those ready to embark on a journey of enrichment and pure joy!”

This particular training is also a rare opportunity to take the 200 hour over the summer. Leslie’s Spring/Summer 200 hour trainings usually run April through July.

It’s almost full, but not too late to sign up. Do you feel the call? If so, contact Leslie ASAP.

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