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It’s official! Yoga Journey is offering a live stream of Leslie Glickman’s Saturday morning classes in the park at Boca Raton’s Sanborn Square!  Now people all over the world can experience Leslie’s class once a week, for free.

It’s an idea that Andy Glickman has been kicking around for several years, that of not just recording videos, but somehow creating a live experience. With live streaming, the content is always fresh. It is very different than watching a video of the same class over and over.

He says, “Leslie was never interested in doing the typical yoga videos,  just her in front of the camera. She has an amazing way of reading the energy of the people in a room and teaching and crafting a class for the moment. She intuitively knows what people need. And the message that she’s giving, even though she may be gathering from the energy in that class, it’s generally universal and something that most people would love to receive. The nature and spontaneity of Leslie’s live class, is a special experience.”

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The live stream in the park is a beta test for the possibility of offering a membership based pay per view model of other Yoga Journey classes down the road, but the plan is for the Saturday class to always remain free.

“We are offering something free and sending that vibration out into the world, giving something back, and also testing a theory. If it is successful, then maybe we eventually stream a yin class, or an advanced class, or workshops, etc. We want to share her teachings with as many people as we can,” says Andy.

Leslie’s class at Sanborn Square is all about creating community. Each week between 150-200 people show up to practice. With so many transplants in Florida, and so many that are here half the year, the live stream is a way to stay connected with the local community and with loved ones far away. Imagine, two friends in different cities will be able to practice together!

Andy says, “It’s a big part of what Leslie wants to do, bringing people together. The relationships that develop between the people that come to her classes and community events are very strong. Practicing together changes peoples’ lives. So once again, we’re trying to share that with as many as we can. We want to continue what she’s doing in the park, on a grander scale and open up her exposure to a broader audience which will in turn drive other aspects of what she’s doing.”

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For people that are unable to tune in live, the classes will be archived. All you have to do is go to the Yoga Journey website, and click on the tab that says YJ Live to sign in.  It takes less than a minute.

Leslie often says Andy is the brains behind Yoga Journey and she is the heart. I asked what makes them such a good team?

He says their partnership works because they truly respect each other.

“Of course we love each other but there is a certain respect to what we each bring to the table. I know she believes in me and respects me and she knows that I feel the same way about her, and I think that’s what makes us such a strong team. Mutual respect.”

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He adds, of Leslie,

“When you come into Leslie’s class, you get a special experience. There is just as much in the message and the emotion and the spirituality that she brings as there is the physical yoga practice. I couldn’t be more proud of the work she’s doing. The opportunity to share her, and the work she’s doing with as many people as I can is really exciting for me. I think it’s going to open up some great doors for her. If it really grows I can envision someday having thousands of people tuned in taking the class at the same time and walking away with the same feeling. That can really make a difference in the world. That’s exciting.”


*Every Saturday, 9AM EST, Yoga in the Park at Sanborn Square in beautiful Boca Raton with Leslie Glickman. Or, from the comfort of your own home via live stream.

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